Children's Services

We are unique in offering specialist bespoke accommodation in the North East of England in our wholly owned properties. This ensures that the accommodation is always at the highest Chameleon standard.  


We specialise in working with children, young people and families. We have comprehensive experience in providing specialist, welfare and support, interventions and guidance to children and young people within various settings.


As a leading provider of residential Children’s Homes in the North East, accommodating young people in a nurturing, positive environment, providing holistic and bespoke support packages to meet individual needs and ensuring effective outcomes for those in the care of the Local Authority.


Our staff have years of experience in managing effective support packages and a proven model to deliver holistic and bespoke services for children and young people.


Our homes provide a therapeutic, positive environment to encourage people to flourish, working with highly trained, qualified and experienced staff dedicated to supporting and caring for children.

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Chameleon Childcare Services