Chameleon’s mission it to ensure that our customers are at the heart of everything we do and are able to influence the quality of the services it provides.  We know from our customer feedback that providing good quality, consistent care and support is crucial. We also know that customers want to be involved in decisions regarding the level of care they receive - feeling happy and supported is essential too.


Customer feedback is crucial in enabling Chameleon to maintain and improve our services. Our Praise and Grumble and Complaints schemes encourage customers to comment on our services, whether good or bad, and also to suggest areas where we could improve. Our goal is to engage our customers in every aspect of our operation via sharing information with us about around their individual needs and preferences – about their support, about their activities, hobbies and days out etc. – the list is endless!


Customers are key in assuring Chameleon’s quality service and have helped to develop service standards which set out the level of service to exceed ‘normal’ expectations.  We now empower and  support  an independent group of customers to assess the quality of our service.


To help us provide the highest quality services, we use different ways to evaluate what we do and to help us improve. These include:

Quality Audits – checking that we do what we say we will, that we follow our policies and procedures, and, look for areas where we can improve.


Quality Checks – these regular checks apply to specific areas of our services and include reviews of individual cases to make sure that services meet our standards.


Learning – we share best practice and what we have learned with our staff to improve our services.


Comparison – we compare our performance with other organisations and to look for other ways to improve our services.


Our registered care services are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC regularly inspect the services we provide and you can view their reports on the CQC website.

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